PhD Dissertation:

I am interested in the interconnections between people and the environment! Living shorelines are created along private and public properties to lessen effects of sea level rise and erosion. They link people and our marine environment and have the opportunity to help people and our environment co-exist.  I am conducing an analysis about the role that living shorelines play in marsh connectivity and the role that they play in fish nursery habitat. Also I am assessing how people make decisions about their shorelines and how people thereby influence the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.

Master’s thesis:

I looked at social networks of people and agencies attended meetings in the 1970s in the Great Lakes Basin fisheries to evaluate if collaboration across sectors and across spatial scales has changed over time. I also evaluated how people talked about ecosystem-based management to determine how key principles ecosystem-based management principles changed over time.

Other projects include:

  • Determining metrics to document how science has informed management decisions
  • Evaluating whether social networks of interdisciplinary vs non-interdisciplinary outreach teams influence their success

Professional and research interests:

  • systems ecology, graph theory
  • landscape ecology
  • nonnative species
  • coastal habitat connectivity
  • conservation, sustainability, and restoration
  • natural resource management
  • increasing underrepresented groups in science
  • science outreach